Learn Chinese with Litao

This full elementary chinese course includes 20 video lectures that cover approx 300 new words, 120 grammar points and sentence patterns, online and downloadable audio and script of 20 dialogues, 300 online self assessment questions. Using this course youu will be able to understand and use simple and basic chinese that is closely related to personal or everyday life.


This is one of the best beginners chinese speaking course. In this course you will get 40 beginner chinese lessons, 52 videos, 40 quizzes, 400+ questions. Learn chinese speaking for beginners with the best basic chinese course online.

Yoyo Chinese

This video tutorial series teach you how to speak mandarin chinese in a very simple and easy way. In this course you will get 200 short video lessons, organised into a 6 month course, with interactive flash cards, audio reviews and quizzes after each lesson.

Everyday Chinese

This video tutorial series teaches you to speak mandarin chinese from beginners to pro. Using this video tutorial series you will learn about expressions, introducing yourself, question answering, recongnising chinese people and many more aspects that you can use in speaking chinese.

This video tutorial series teaches you how to speak mandarin chinese. This is the complete video lesson of mandarine chinese. This course goes from beginner, through intermediateand onto advanced levels all in easy to follow steps.

Legoo Mandarine David Yao 

Using this video lesson you can learn to speak mandarine in 10 hours from basic conversational 300 chinese sentences. The learning objectives of this video lesson is to understant only language without alphabets know chinese language structure.