Absolute Punjab

This is one of the best video series for the beginners of punjabi speaking. In this video series you will learn how to speak punjabi. This video series designed so that people of all ages can learn to speak punjabi no matter what your background is.


This video playlist enables even a non-punjabi origin person to learn how to read, write and speak gurmukhi. Practicing the first ten videos is imperative to properly pronounce gurbani. Using this video series you will learn about sounds, writing tutoriaal, vowels, nasal sounds, english subtitles and many more topics.


Learn punjabi through hindi and punjabi learning in urdu lessons teach the indians and pakistani punjabi language. This learn punjabi through hindi and urdu speaking and conversion course is aimed at the beginners of punjabi language learners.

Punjabi Charm

This video series teaches you to speak punjabi with the use of hindi language. Using this video tutorial series you will learn about gurmukhi, alphabet, greetings, family tree, number system, calender, pronouns, sihari words, onkar words, dulankar words and many more.