This is the best drums app on the play store. This app provides easy lessons ans ultra realistic drum kit. Drums is super simple to use. Drums app let's you play on a real drum kit and learn thousands songs in no time.

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Drumate Free

This app is a truly interactive way for drummers to practice the most important rudiments. Rudiments are basic exercises for drummers meant to increase your speed, ability and creativity when playing the drums.

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Easy real Drums

This is a drum game for beginner teach them how to play the drums or drum pad with music game. This app is a free real drum set music game or a beat drum simulator. This app provides you different levels real drum levels.

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Drum Beginners

This app is for drum beginners. This application provides drum basics, preparation, basic knowledge, count, form and grip, strokes, stroke basic practice, stroke accent, warming, rudiments, single stroke and many more features.

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Drum Lessons

This application teaches you how to play the drums. Easy lesssons and tutorial to learn music. This app have quick and easy video lessons and tutorials made for you. Beginner, inermediate or advanced drum student will have the best drum experience navigating through this app.

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This application help you learn the drums faster, easier and better. Improve your drumming with the best teachers in the world. Using this app you will always learn from the best drummers and teachers.

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