If you want to learn flute and are a beginner this is one of the best website for you. Using this website can learn about posture and breathing, the headjoint, lipplate and tone hole, introduction of notation, putting it all together, more rhythm and many more.

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Learn Flute Online

This is one of the best website of the beginners in playing flute. Using this lession you can learn about how to make a nice sound, how to properly hold the flute, easy steps to reading flute music and many more writing first notes

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Take Lessons

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to learn flute notes, this is the right place for you. As you start to become familier with the flute, you will naturally become interested in learning more note positions.

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This website has developed a valuable video archive of online flute lessons. Users have unlimited access to the classical flute course which includes technoque exercises, sheet music and orchestral experts.

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Udemy Course

This website provides course on how to learn to play the flute from beginners basics to intermediate. Using this course you can learn about assemble and care for a flute, form a correct, strong flute embouchere, read and interpret music notation, play dozens of popular melodies and songs and many many more.

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First Flute

This is one of the best online series on how to play flute. Using this series you can learn about 15 lessons in depth video instruction, embouchere technique, breathing exercises, scales arpeggios tips and demonstration and many more.

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