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Brighterbees is a community that helps the people to follow their dreams. Here we provide all the things that help you in pursuing your Passion.

BrighterBees is India’s only place where you can get knowledge about anything and everything related with your career or interest. The best part of BrighterBees is, we provide all these things completely free.

We are providing focussed, limited and useful content for your learning. Here you get most recommended videos, apps and websites for learning and practising. We have categorised the section in Eduation, Computer Skills, Arts, Photography, Music & instruments and Language Learning.

In Education section, we have covered from standard 0 to standard 12 with all streams. After it we have IIT/JEE, medical content, graduation content and Civil Services as well. We have tried to cover approx all the topics. Next we have Computer skills, there we cover web development , app development , programming and also trending skills.We have also covered music , instruments , arts and language learning. We are also providing free resources , video courses and cheatsheets. You can get it on the website in blog section. Let’s start learning and following our dreams today with Brighterbees.

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