Industry use cases on Automation using Ansible

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We have talked a lot about Ansible, How it can automate things. Today we are going to discuss how industries applying automation using Ansible. We have also done some practicals using this amazing tool, You can check here.

Yesterday, we had a very beautiful session on the Industrial use cases of its automation. In this session, we had  Mr. Arun Eapen and Mr. Sreejith Anujan as our instructor. They delivered this session in a very easy and simple way such that every learner would get the knowledge. They also tried to as much as they can in solving whatever query we had.

What was the session is all about?

As I told you earlier the session is all about the industrial use cases of it.  It is solving industry problems, likes scaling, system management, virtualization, and cloud provisioning.

What did we learn?

Starting from the introduction of Ansible further, we get to know about its tower here are some of them are mentioned:

  • Ansible tower credential for AWS.
  • Python virtual environment
  • ChatOps
  • Its workflow
  • Its role back access
  • Job scheduling
  • Its notification feature

We solved use cases like creating a control node on AWS using Ansible tower, creating a host node and product node on Redhat virtualization, and using them as a web server.

In my opinion,  this was really an amazing session and a very important session for every Ansible learner because it is must, to know how the industry are using the Ansible. How the playbooks are working in the real world and what type of challenges are being solved by Ansible. We loved the interaction with our instructors as they were also highly spirited in answering our questions.

That’s it.

Thank you.

In case you want to learn more about the cloud you can go through this playlist Cloud Computing.

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