Top 4 Programming Languages for the Competitive Programming

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Competitive programming is one of the most crucial things for a technical now. It is a long process and can only be mastered after a lot of practice and hitting in different competitions. But before jumping to the coding one must question What is the best programming language for competitive programming?  Here below, I have listed the top 4 best competitive programming languages for programmers to learn. Before jumping to that it’s essential to discuss competitive programming. Competitive Programming is the competition of solving a real-world problem through coding. A problem statement is given to the coders and a time limit is there. The coder has to solve that problem bypassing all the test cases not exceeding the space and time limit. Good enough for now. Let’s come to our list.

1. C++

C++ is one of the most recommended and widely accepted programming languages for competitive programming. There is some great reason behind this. It is faster than every other programming language out there. As C/C++ are more machine-friendly less human friendly and this makes them much faster. In the case of C, it doesn’t support any other language and doesn’t have any special library. But C++ has an STL library that quickly solves the DSA problem during the coding. The Standard Template Library includes C++ template classes that offer various data structures such as liststreesstacksgraphsarrays, etc. Moreover, the language supports OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming) features as well to help you out while solving real-time problems in coding challenges.


After C/C++, Java is the one that quickly runs and executes the code. At the time of execution, it gives extra benefits to the programmers using python or any other programmers.  The fans of Java swear by the BigInteger class which is used for performing mathematical computations on large integers quickly.  It comes in extremely handy during exception handling is again something that Java is universally applauded for. It’s challenging to find segmentation faults in C++, but it’s easy to notice the ArrayIndexOutOfBound exception. Although Java lacks STL, it has containers that perform pretty much the same function. Java is much more useful in Android Development as well.

3. Python

Although Python is not meant for competitive programming I am listing it in this list. It is one of the most versatile programming languages and can be used almost in every aspect of technology. It is more user-friendly and this makes it super simple and easy to use. No matter, C++ and Java are super fast but Python is super easy and at the time of competitive programming coders don’t have to write much lengthier code to solve a particular problem. It has list comprehension and lambda function and a large collection of different libraries which help in reduce the line of code and give extra features to our program as well.


A dynamic, open-source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write. Ruby is also one of the most sought-after programming languages in the competitive programming world. It is an object-oriented programming language that is very user-friendly, flexible, and easy to learn. Meanwhile, Ruby is a dynamic programming language and is based on several other programming languages such as PerlSmalltalkLispAda, and Eiffel Ruby has exception handling features, like Java or Python, to make it easy to handle errors. It can load extension libraries dynamically if an OS allows. In case you want to learn more about the cloud you can go through this playlist Cloud Computing.

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